What is Northstar Robotics?

Northstar Robotics is competing in its second year of the NASA Robotic Mining Competition. In its rookie year, Northstar Robotics received two awards and placed 11th of 44 teams, resulting in the best rookie performance in recent competition history. The team currently consists of 12 returning members and 7 new members. The strong performance last year and the varied experience of the teams new and returning members points to a promising future for the team.

Northstar Robotics is one of the competition teams organized by University of Minnesota Robotics, an award-winning student organization at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities focused on robotics competitions and the promotion of STEM fields. The group currently supports three competitive robotics teams and works in the FIRST robotics community by organizing volunteers and events. Competitive robotics offers University of Minnesota students the opportunity to take skills learned in the classroom and apply them to real world projects while learning from and networking with industry mentors.

Competition History

2018 (Rookie)

Robot Reveal/Proof of Life
Competition Run 1
Competition Run 2
11th Overall (44 teams)
4th Systems Engineering Paper
Tied 5th Presentation
Systems Engineering Paper Rookie Honorable Mention
Golden E-stop Award
Robot Render


Team at Competition

Team Picture